EFfI Second Life for Zed-Bull

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EFfI Second Life for Zed-Bull

Product Details:
-EFfI Second Life for Zed-Bull ad a lot more models to the traditional Zed-Bull,this software can work with all clones and original devices:

1.Finding PIN Code, preparing precoded transponders and programming transponders from EEPROM and MCU.

2.Transponder Cloning.

3.Producing Transponders for OBD Programming.

4.Hitag2 Transponder Programmer.

5.Additional function like:

-Reading kilometer, VIN number and key number information from original BMW key and writing to original BMW remote key.

-Finding PIN code from VIN number for HYUNDAI and KIA.

-PC software includes a wide-range transponder catalog, key fob procedures and more information.

-PIN code finding for 33 Renault and 45 Peugeot from transponder.

-Unlocking the 48(magic II) type locked transponder and make it re -usable.

-Saving transponder information into database including crypto transponders.

PRICE: 50 Euro